Alex Turner is not my brother and Tina Turner is also not a relative of mine, in fact, my immediate family don’t share a creative bone between them. I, however, am a creative. For the last ten years I have dabbled with Graphic Design and since 2017 have moved into the world of moving image. My photography knowledge has allowed me to be a proper video camera nerd and my Adobe Photoshop skills were easily transferred into Premiere and After Effects.


Fun, reliable, and consistent Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Animator and Photographer specialising in various aspects of filmmaking. I’ve shot multiple music videos, commercials, promos, and corporate films and love every second of the process. My ultimate passion is story telling and as a result have written and shot one short film and written and directed another, with plenty more ideas rolling around my brain. My main goal in life is to learn everything I can about the things that get me up in the morning, and in film I want to learn all there is from being a runner to directing a feature length film.

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Phone: 07788294869